We have hundreds of elite agents in the fields of patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc. and have extensive practical experience in intellectual property.
    We understand the most practical needs of customers, and have profound technical strength and extensive experience in the fields of computer software, communications, e-commerce, integrated circuits, new energy sources, artificial intelligence, etc.
    We provide professional services including patent tech-mining, patent layout, patent prosecution, patent invalid litigation, infringement analysis, etc.
    We have established good cooperative relations and consulting relations with fortune 500 enterprises, listed companies, well-known scientific research institutions and universities and other partners.

    Patent-related services

    Trademark services


    Litigation and other services



    Risehigh is one of the leading providers of patent intelligence analysis and intellectual property management for enterprises in the intellectual property industry.
    Our team is constituted of patent agents with strong legal and technical background. With the help of our effective analyzing method and evaluation mechanism, we provide patent search, classification and analysis of the target patent and applications accurately and comprehensively, and then mine technology and commercial intelligence hidden in patents, thereby we can provide data reference and advice for clients’ product development, market development, competition strategy and intellectual property strategy.

    Patent analysis
    Patent evaluation
    Patent early-warning
    Patent risk analysis



    We provide clients with professional intellectual property management and strategic consulting services that not only meets the specific needs of enterprises, but also combines with the successful experience of advanced enterprises. Since our company establised, we have provided clients with nearly 1,000 intellectual property solutions in the aspects of patent tech-mining, planning, deployment, monetization, risk warning, training, system construction, etc.

    IP trade services
    IP financing services
    Other add-on value services



    We customize the most suitable business model and international business strategy for our clients. We have professional intellectual property lawyers with unique intellectual property monetization concepts, thereby we can help clients increasing their wealth through the use of intellectual property.
    In order to meet the diversified needs of clients, we have established good relations with many foreign patent consulting agencies and law firms, which can provide more service channels and service methods for clients.

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    ©2017-2022 HUAZHIDAWEI All Right Reserved. Beijing ICP No. 09012508-1.